Dorado’s Plantation Golf Course

Dorado is home to one of Puerto Rico’s most expansive golf course complexes – the Plantation Golf Course. The course complex includes Pineapple Course and Sugar Cane Course, and players of all levels will find them most accommodating.

Recent years have seen the Plantation Golf Course in Puerto Rico undergo a few changes. The course used to be known as the south course and was originally part of the Hyatt Regency Dorado Beach resort complex that was developed by magnate Laurance Rockefeller in 1958. The course is still a part of this massive complex and is easily accessible from the luxurious hotels on the large 1000 acre oceanfront estate. It is located approximately 22 miles to the west of San Juan, making it a great place to spend your holidays in Puerto Rico.

The Hyatt recently saw fit to see to it that its many facilities undergo renovations, including the four golf courses. The four golf courses were originally grouped together as Cerromar’s North and South Courses. Today they are The Ocean (North) and The Plantation (South) courses. The Plantation Golf Course complex includes the Pineapple Course and Sugar Cane Course. Both Pineapple and Sugar Cane Course feature 18 holes and provide a full round of golf for enthusiasts. Apart from name changes, the courses have also been updated. Raymond Floyd was called in for the momentous task. Instead of redesigning the courses, he chose to stay true to the original course designer Robert Trent Jones Sr and leave as much as possible the way it was. Instead, change has come in the form of adjusting the position or size of trees, bunkers and other hazards to accommodate the needs of the modern golfer. Each set of tees is uniform and fair and very often accommodating to both experienced and heavily handicapped golfers. The Pineapple Course is the easier of the two, with larger greens and shallow bunkers. The Suger Cane Course, on the other hand, may have wonderfully large greens but deeper bunkers, and newly added water obstacles ensure that it is a challenge.

Golfers are also provided with every amenity needed for an enjoyable day outdoors, including equipment hire, cart hire and lovely restaurants. So if you’re looking for a new challenge and you enjoy the high life, make your way to the Plantation Golf Course for a great game of golf!

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